The Bitchin’ Videos

Need to bring the PIE? Try these individual mini pies! Fill with your favorite pie stuff… we made PUMPKIN cause it was almost Thanksgiving. Heres the Recipe: Mini Pies – Pumpkin

OHHHH ! Ruthie sure knows how to spank that monkey (bread).  A real crowd pleaser for your next gathering…. Just IMAGINE. –  Pizza Monkey Bread

Got a Valentine?  Or just need a sugar fix with a generous whallop of liquor?  Try this easy fudge recipe.  It’s sugary, buttery, chocolaty HEAVEN. But NOT for the kiddies!  –  Kahlua Fudge

Heres a great holiday buffet bring along that will make you a STAR on New Years Eve or anytime! 

The girls put together two great holiday cookies from one basic dough recipe  TWO Cookies_ONE Dough – Ruthies Bitchin Cookie Dough

Need some quick appetizers to take along as the required “dish to pass”?  Ruthie shows you how to throw together 3 – count’em – 3 that you can make yourself in seconds!

Here’s Cynthia’s bestest recipe that will make your holiday social…. UNFORGETTABLE (if they stay sober long enough to remember)

Here is the easiest most tasty pumpkin goodie to date!  Could take the place of that old boring pumpkin pie this Holiday season! Click HERE for the printable recipe: Pumpkin Pie Torte

Conflicted about those Thanksgiving leftovers?  Watch Ruthie make a whole new entree out of that leftover turkey, stuffing and what have you.  Click HERE for the printable recipe: Turkey and Stuffing Shells  

Here’s TWO easy, quick and YUMMY appetizers that will have your guests in AWE of your culinary expertise!  But its so simple AND you can prep ahead of time and freeze till you are ready to pop it in the oven! Click HERE for the printable recipe: Ruthies Roll Ups

Need a great dessert?  Heres a NO BAKE recipe with every bodys favorites chocolate AND peanut butter in a PIE!  Click HERE for the printable recipe: Choco/Peanut Butter Pie

Amaze your friends and family with this yummy Hamburger Spinach Brunch bake… they will never know that the secret ingredient is FAST FOOD BURGERS!!!!!  Watch the video and click HERE for the printable recipe: Hamburger Spinach Brunch Bake

Do you have trouble peeling those pesky kiwis?  Well here’s a tip from Ruthie that will send you flying to the produce aisle!


Heres a fabulous salad that is so simple we don’t even need to post the PDF recipe!  JUST WATCH!

HEY!  Here’s Sandy – Milwaukee’s Cupcake Queen with a lesson on how to spread the love and the ganache!

Need a quick brunch go-with?  Try these easy Nutella rolls.  
Tell your pals you make the croissants yourself – BECAUSE YOU DID! (Dont’ be afraid of the exploding packaging)

Unexpected guests?
Whip up some fast appetizers and put something in a wine glass.
You got yourself a PARTY!

Here’s the First full episode of Ruthie’s Bitchin Kitchen!
Wherein Ruthie Cooks up two tasty casseroles and Cynthia has to put some change in the Lucky Swear CAT Bank.