IMG_6842Dear Ruthie began her culinary efforts as a small girl, growing up in the misty, rolling hills of Cudahy. Her mother worked long hours in a sauerkraut factory, and her father was a toe dancer.Together, they raised Ruthie to appreciate the fine arts as well as fermented root vegetables.

Her mother’s demanding schedule coupled with her father’s late-night (and often overnight) rehearsals with various men in his dance troupe, caused Ruthie to take to the kitchen and fend herself. Not surprisingly, a love of cooking was born.

Her advice column, “Dear Ruthie” first appeared in the “Wisconsin Light” newspaper in 1997, and she began making public appearances across the state shortly thereafter. Her column has since run in “InStep” newspaper and “Outbound” magazine and currently appears in “Quest” magazine under the title “Ruthie’s Bitchin’ Kitchen.”

Ruthie has stood shoulder to shoulder with the likes of Candace Gingrich Jones, Congress Woman Tammy Baldwin, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett and former Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle, speaking on equal rights.

Dear Ruthie made her theatrical debut in 1999 and continues working with professional theater companies throughout Milwaukee. She has starred in several comedies including “Auntie Mame,” “Die, Mommy Die,” “Psycho Beach Party,” “The Women” and “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane.”

Ruthie was a weekly guest on CBS-58’s “The Don and Bo Show,” featuring former Summerfest Executive Director, Elizabeth “Bo” Black. For her efforts, Ruthie became an honorary member of the Milwaukee Press Club. Her framed autograph continues to hang in downtown Milwaukee’s Newsroom Pub.

In 2013, Ruthie launched Ruthie’s Kennel Club – a charity that seeks to financially help numerous animal-related rescues in the Greater Milwaukee area. She performs weekly at Hamburger Mary’s in Bay View and is also the subject of an upcoming reality show.

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