Meanwhile, In Ireland…

The Day after St. Pats is National Hangover Day.  It’s Breakfast Time – Again

Up all night drinkin’ to the lost then were you? Aside from native Wisconsinites, the best drinkers in the known universe are the Irish. (Sorry Russians you loose) 63% of Irish people found the best cure for a hangover is a traditional Irish breakfast. Some 15% went for tea and toast. 13% opted for the ‘hair of the dog’.

So It’s bangers, and beans for you me darlins’.  If you started off yer revels with Bangers and Mash do it again!

irish_breakfast copyFor your “afters” add some fried eggs and any kind of canned beans and some bacon or a rasher (Canadian bacon) if you’ve got it.  Also suggested are fried potatoes (any kind) tomatoes and mushrooms. And then there’s farls, (fried bread),  boxty (a fried potato cake) and puddings (not your mother’s  pudding – dont ask…. you dont feel well enough) – But that’s it on the upper right of the photo. Google it later – Black Pudding

But lets keep this simple.  If you were true to form last night you’re not gonna be makin’ no boxty or puddings today.

For the hair of the dog part you might try the Guinness gravy or just throw some leftover Guinness in the Bean sauce if you are finding it difficult to stay upright long enough.  OR make yourself a nice Irish coffee.  Tea and toast is for wimps.

Click here for Bangers and Mash with Guinness Gravy:

Cynthia’s Bangers & Mash

A true soldier will drag in to work.  But if you really have to call in, take some Advil lay on the sofa under the duvet and watch the Informer (1935) – the Greatest Irish Film Noir EVER.

The Informer trailer