A Cocktail for the Hopeful

Hope Springs Eternal – We HOPE

20120506-despair-3Oh here it is – the day before The Day and here you are, at your soul crushing day job or sitting in the kitchen surrounded by dishes and laundry.  In both cases you may be gazing out the window into the cold light of a Monday morning and dreaming of what might have been

Well lets not dwell shall we?  Lets remember that, as our dear Scarlett O’Hara (who should be an example to us ALL)  said,  “tomorrow is another day”  SHE never gave up and neither did these ever hopeful lads and lasses who despite one, two and even more than three strikes just kept the faith and went at love again. And again. And AGAIN.

It’s the annual Cynthia Says “Day-Before–Valentines Day-Marathon-Marriages”

At 7 each we have:

  • RICHARD PRYOR, (two do-overs)
  • JERRY LEE LEWIS (no do-overs but the last one is the ex-wife of his underage ex-wife’s brother. Figure THAT one out.)
  • HENRY 8th  (No do-overs but um… the wives were definitely unlucky in love)

8 each:

  • MICKEY ROONEY (No do- overs)
  • LANA TURNER (one do-over and first husband Artie Shaw ALSO had 8 marriages… what WAS she thinking?)
  • LARRY KING  (one do-over)

and of course

  • LIZ (with that one do over to Sir Richard weren’t THEY a pair?)

And the top dogs on Cynthia’s Hopefulness/Never Give Up the Ship list are:


Both have NINE marriages with NO do-overs but my vote goes to ZsaZsa who kept getting married since 1937 – the last one was in 1997.Zsa+Zsa+Gabor+Prince+Frederic+von+Anhalt+Billboard+54OQkDm0zm5l

So if you are feeling sorry for yourself today and figuring there is no hope for love, hoist a Hope Springs Eternal Cocktail

  •  Citrus twist or plain vodka or gin (no matter)
  •  Pineapple Juice
  •  Orange soda – I like to use orange CRUSH for this one it seems appropriate somehow

Pour two shots of your vodka or gin into the glass. Add some pineapple juice and then fill the rest of the glass with orange soda.6a00d8358081ff69e2016760c19820970b-800wiThen hoist a toast to the hopeful and listen to this hopeful ditty from Uncle Deano.  And remember EVERY BODY LOVES SOMEBODY – SOMETIME

See you tomorrow at the corner tap…. and I hope you left work early Friday – before that annoying Wanda person got her 6 dozen roses. Everybody KNOWS she sends them to herself.