Cynthia’s Schnappsy Icing/Glaze

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Now you can have your schnapps and eat it too.

Here’s a recipe for a  tasty-schnappsy icing/glaze that you can add to your home made (or purchased or home baked from a mix… or whatever) pastry.  And if that 3 tablespoons isn’t enough for you  (It certainly isn’t for me) – just dump some more into your coffee and enjoy!



  • Confectioners (powdered) sugar
  • 3 tbs schnapps to match the fruit in your scones or muffins or what have you ….  (i.e.) peach with peaches…. I’d go whiskey with pears or cherries… well thats not schnapps but what the heck….. give it a try.
  • You can try other strongly flavored alcohol (like whiskey or rum) or other schnapps flavor /fruit combinations – I just love to experiment in the kitchen don’t you?  3


duetFor glaze like effect

  • Stir together the schnapps and enough confectioners sugar (a few tablespoons usually does the trick nicely) until it forms a thick, shiny syrupy goo.
  • With a pastry brush, coat the top of each pastry with the syrup and let dry.
  • Your pastry will now be shiny and taste fruity.

For a more icing- like drizzle

  •  just add more powdered sugar until you have the consistency you want.  scone

Enjoy your pastry with tea, or coffee – add more schnapps to your beverage for more fun!

Cynthia Says:  if you want to cheat or need a fast fix – go buy some regular scones or muffins or whatever and add the icing on your own.  HA! Your Mother in Law or those pesky neighbor ladies will NEVER know.

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Cynthia does not stand on ceremony in Ruthie’s Bitchin’ Kitchen…. do what you want… do what works.  There is no kitchen KGB. (Don’t tell Ruthie)