Cynthias José Collins

–  Anytime is tequila time as far as I’m concerned! This recipe was given to me by an old Duenna on my 16th Birthday.  It’s great with Ruthie’s Cheesy Beef Burrito Casserole!




  • Ice
  • Tequila
  • Tonic water or ginger ale
  • Limeade or lemonade or cranberry juice or apple juice – whatever!
  • Fresh lime / lemon if you have it.


  • Get yourself a tallish beverage glass and fill with ice
  • Pour over the ice
  • A shot (the size of your shot is up to you) of tequila
  • Top with about two – three fingers of your fruit juice (fill the glass up to the middle-ish)
  • Add the tonic water or ginger ale to fill the rest of the glass
  • Stir
  • I prefer to sip through a skinny bar straw – it makes me feel elegant

Cynthia Says:

Most tequila recipes call for Agave nectar as a sweetener but you don’t have to go buy it if you use limeade or other sweetened fruit juice . You can get diet lime/lemonade too if you look in the cooler section at the grocery. The tonic water / ginger ale gives a nice sparkle. If you go with diet tonic be sure you get it with Aspartame NOT Saccharin. Saccharin leaves an icky aftertaste. Of course if you WANT the sugar stuff you have my blessing.