Cynthia’s Ice Cream Dreams

i scream–  Ice cream and cake. AND cake flavored vodka? Who thought that up?  What a concept!  Here’s a suggestion from Cynthia (who else?) for some easy Ice cream drinkie winkies!  Its summer! Have at it!

Cynthia’s Orange – Whiskey Dream 

Seriously you can just get a dreamscicle from the spooky ice cream cart guy melt it and dump some whiskey over it and then re- refrigerate or refreeze. Sip with a straw spoon it up or just slug it back.  YUM!    bottlelarge_cake

Cynthia’s Cake Vodka Yummer.

If you must use the chi chi vodka thing well then take some orange soda and mix it up with your CAKE FLAVORED vodka then add a bunch of  ice cream and float away on an orange cloud.

rubyredcreamsicle7HEY you kids…! stop bothering that dog and bring Auntie some Black Bear Orange Soda!

Ruthie’s Culinary Clues: Add all the ice cream you want to the vodka treat. In fact, while you’re at it, add all the vodka you want, too! I tested this recipe with UV Cake Vodka that really added to the Dreamsicle flavor, but feel free to try it with whatever you might have on hand.