Cynthia’s 2-Ingredient Cocktails

It’s All About the Glass

Some say that a true cocktail has to have three ingredients.

Well Aunty Cynthia is here to tell you that it’s all about the GLASS. If you put alcohol and anything else (including vegetables on a stick) in a martini, hurricane, collins, old fashioned or any other fancy glass – BOOM you got yourself a cocktail.


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That being said and hopefully done ….  Here are three quick and easy 2-Ingredient cost-saving Cocktails

Rum and Root Beer

  • You got root beer?  You got Rum?  Put them together you will be pleasantly surprised.

Irish Cream and Choco Milk

  • The kids make you buy chocolate milk.  Well… give your self a chocolaty treat and throw some Irish Cream in there. It’s a double creamy dreamy delight.

Hot Apple or Cranberry Juice and Whiskey

  • Hot or chilled  juice (but hot is good these days) add whiskey.